Just a few quick steps to reserve your spot! 

  1. Select a coach through the online directory by clicking on the orange button below

  2. Email one coach to tell them you are interested

  3. Have a quick conversation to confirm a few details and answer questions

  4. Receive the sign up form and return in 48 hours to confirm your spot

Tips on using our coach directory:

  • Please only contact one coach. This is a voluntary service, and when you contact more than one coach you take away their availability to serve someone else. 

  • Once you contact a coach you are expected to be able to respond to them within 24 hours to continue securing your spot. After 24 hours, the coach will open up your spot to someone else if you have not responded. 

  • Once you’ve selected your coach, scroll to the right of the directory to get their email.  Send them a note to let them know you are interested in coaching. They will set up time with you for a call to confirm a few details and answer any questions you may have. 

  • After you talk to your coach, they’ll send you an email with our sign up form. You’ll have 48 hours to return and confirm your spot. 

  • The list is sorted alphabetically by coach. If you know the name of your preferred coach already, simply scroll to the right to find their email address.

  • Some coaches offer individual coaching, some offer the group coaching program, and some offer both. Be sure to check the columns to confirm your coach offers what you’re looking for. For the group coaching program, the group’s meeting time will be listed. 

  • Most coaches have a niche, or area of focus. That can help if you’re trying to decide to whom you’ll reach out. But it’s OK if your coach’s niche doesn’t exactly match your situation. You’ll have a conversation with your coach before coaching begins, so you can discuss any concerns at that time. 

  • Pay attention to location, as you’ll want a coach who lives in or near your time zone. All coaching is done via phone or video chat, so location is merely there to help you gauge if timing will work out.

  • Some coaches offer multiple languages, and all of them coach in English. 

  • Coaches’ spots will fill up, so pay attention to the columns that indicate how many spots the coach has left.

  • Some coaches have links to their coaching websites. This is a great way to get to know your coach and their unique approach. 

Health Coaches Without Borders Volunteer Coach Directory


By accessing this site directory below, I hereby understand that Health Coaches Without Borders does not endorse or recommend specific coaches. All advice and services given by those listed in this directory will be taken by me utilizing my own discretion after a thorough investigation and assessment as to whether that coach is suitable and competent to assist me with my health goals. I do not and will not hold Health Coaches Without Borders responsible in any way for the background, education, licensure, scope of practice, claims history, or expertise of any coach I may contact as a result of using this directory. Should I experience an unsatisfactory outcome with anyone named in this database, I will not hold Health Coaches Without Borders responsible for that outcome.

As a courtesy, Health Coaches Without Borders publishes a list of ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coaches who are offering free coaching in individual or group settings for resilience in adverse or disruptive times. The Health Coaches Without Borders directory is not an endorsement or recommendation that anyone utilize a particular health coach. Health Coaches Without Borders verifies that the coaches listed in this directory are ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coaches. Selecting a coach from our directory is not a substitute for a thorough investigation of said coach's credentials and training, scope of practice, insurance reimbursement options, or any other factors that may weigh in your decision of who to work with. To the extent Health Coaches Without Borders provides any explicit or implied recommendation of any particular product or services, that recommendation is not provided based on any remuneration or payment from the company whose product is recommended. Health Coaches Without Borders does not provide compensated recommendations. However, any Health Coaches Without Borders' recommendation is only a general recommendation that is not specific to any particular person or illness. The ingestion or use of any product should be only after you consult with a competent healthcare professional and secure guidance on whether a particular product is safe and healthy for you to ingest. Health Coaches Without Borders cannot possibly know or track whether any particular person's condition or health status, is suitable for any particular product. 


Health Coaches Without Borders provides free health coaching to address the needs of those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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