This four week group coaching program is an opportunity to get clear on how you want to feel during this time and start taking action. 

In the group coaching program, your coach will help you identify how you want to feel and guide you on a path to:

  • Create a sense of hope about your health by exploring different ways to solve problems and breaking your goals down into small, doable steps.

  • Build confidence. See how you can make habit and lifestyle changes, even in challenging times.

  • Become more resilient. Knowing you will sometimes falter in your goals, learn to fall and pick yourself back up, improvise, and find purpose in what you are doing, no matter what. 

  • Develop a realistic, optimistic perspective. Learn to stay informed and be prepared, while still enjoying life, practicing gratitude, exploring opportunities, and experiencing growth.

We believe that you can do hard things, make it through challenging times, and come out stronger on the other side. 

Have you ever tried to do something on your own and been frustrated and felt isolated?


Sometimes having other people to discuss things with allows you to find perspective and feel inspired.

Group coaching has many benefits you may not find with individual coaching. Some of these benefits include:

  • Connecting with other group members so you can help each other meet your goals

  • Sharing your goals and dreams with other people can help bring them to life

  • Creating strong connections with people who are experiencing similar situations to you

  • Hearing other experiences might help you feel less alone and normalize what you are feeling

  • Learning from others' successes

Join our group coaching program to explore different ways to solve problems together. In this world, which feels divided, we offer the opportunity to work together to create a more hopeful future.

The group coaching program might be right for you if you:

  • Thrive working in small groups where you can share and learn alongside others

  • Want to and feel comfortable sharing your experiences with a group

  • Are looking for shared experiences, ideas, and peer accountability

  • Would benefit from a structured program

  • Are ready to learn about a specific set of skills and explore how you can apply them to your life

Coaching is on a first come, first served basis.

We have a total of 72 Group Coaching Program spaces available.

  1. To fill out the Group Coaching Program Client Application, click the button below.

  2. Once you have filled out the Group Coaching Program Client Application, you will receive an email within 24 hours with instructions for your next steps, and a link to access the Group Coaching Program Directory.

  3. Choose one coach to contact to book a Discovery call with. If you are found to violate this agreement and contact more than one coach, you will not be eligible for coaching services at this time. 

Sign up for a group coaching program and gain a greater awareness and clarity of who you want to be, and how you want to be during this difficult time. 



Health Coaches without Borders is an awesome program! The kindness and generosity of my coach Julia, and our great group helped me do a pretty clear 180 degree turn over the last month, starting from a high level of anxiety and moving to feeling empowered, centered, and resourceful. Thank you!


During a stressful time it was nice to connect with some like minded people to support each other while increasing hope and optimism, while working towards a vision of how we wanted to emerge from the time of COVID-19. It was wonderful to check in weekly and be able to share feelings and experiences around what was happening. Oftentimes a group member would express a vulnerability that I could absolutely relate to. It helped knowing we were in this together, the group was very supportive, and I definitely felt a higher level of resilience after a session.


Joan found the sweet spot between holding the group and allowing the group to find our own rhythm of sharing and caring for each other. For me the sense of community was deeply consoling in a time of crisis. I will forever be grateful!


My coach displayed deep listening to group members and provided encouragement and transparency. Moreover, she displayed a genuine empathy and caring connection with each of our personal and professional challenges with regard to COVID-19.


This program was a great opportunity to think about how we can move through hard times while still finding good things to hold on to.


Erica's got a great demeanor - friendly, attentive, a good listener. She turned a confusing time into a conversation.


Health Coaches Without Borders provides free health coaching to address the needs of those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.



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