Who do you want to be? How do you want to feel?

A health coach can explore these questions with you, and then support you in making a simple plan to start feeling that way and be who you want to be more often. 

When you choose to work one-on-one with a health coach through Health Coaches Without Borders, you will start by creating a vision of how you want to feel at the end of the four weeks together. 


You will choose which area(s) of your health and wellbeing you want to focus on. Maybe you want to find better ways to decrease stress, increase physical movement, create new eating habits, improve your relationships, manage your time, establish a better self care routine, or better your sleep habits. 

Your coach will help you stay focused on your vision.

Each week you will dive a little deeper and move a little closer to your goals. 


Individual coaching might be right for you if you:


  •  Thrive with a more personalized approach

  • Have specific health and wellbeing goals that you are working towards, or thinking about working towards, and want the added support of a coach

  • You want to take self-directed steps to improve your health and wellness (physical, emotional, or mental)

  • You will commit to attending four weekly sessions

  • You will take full responsibility for your own wellbeing

Coaching is on a first come, first served basis.

We have 97 total spaces for Individual Coaching clients.

  1. To fill out the Individual Coaching Client Application, click the button below.

  2. Once you have filled out the Individual Coaching Client Application, you will receive an email within 24 hours with instructions for your next steps, and a link access to the Individual Coaching Directory.

  3. Choose one coach to contact to book a Discovery call with. If you are found to violate this agreement and contact more than one coach, you will not be eligible for coaching services at this time.

Sign up for our free, four-week individual health coaching to start taking actionable steps towards taking better care of yourself by filling out the application below.



Sherry was a knowledgable, supportive and collaborate health coach that really listened to my needs and goals and helped me form a practical, actionable plan to establish healthier habits. Sherry was attentive, empathetic and helpful in this journey of unpacking my issues, working through specific challenges and devising a practical path forward. I really enjoyed connecting with Sherry. She was a safe space for me to be honest and vulnerable.


Marta is skillful, sensitive and insightful. She helps you find the answers you need for yourself. She is a gem of a health coach and I recommend her at the highest level to assist you to address your health manifest the things you are most hoping for yourself.


It is a helpful program for beginning to turn around a habit or area of your health that you have otherwise been frustrated about. The ways the coaching guide you to take your own initiative into your hands is great. It helps empower you and give you focus, and a stability during these times.


Having a coach to talk to weekly was game-changing in my ability to consciously and productively navigate these strange times we are living through with COVID-19. I am extremely grateful that Health Coaches Without Borders gave me the opportunity free of charge when I was in the most need but without resources to pay for it.


It is a gift to be heard and experience empathy and encouragement that empowers action and self confidence to be your best self in this world.


I found health coaching To be an extremely effective process. My coach helped me focus, get clear, and create an action step each week. Because it came from me with the guidance of my coach and I created accountability for myself, each week became a success story!


Elise really helped me find a way to learn how to balance work and home life. She is a great health coach who knows how to help people find their reasons for being healthier and really helped me to hone in on what’s most important to me. She helped me center myself and find a way to live my best life.


When I applied to the coaching program it was at the very last minute, I had heard about it on Facebook and was sort of grasping at straws. I had been at home alone, not working, for about a month and was not what I would call stressed, but I couldn't seem to get my feet under me to get much out of my days. My coach Marta was amazing. Our first session, I just spilled my mountain of chaotic thoughts onto the table and she was able to see exactly how to help me put all of that together in a way that was so much less stressful and overwhelming. I know she says I did all the work but without her valuable reflection and support I would not have had the success that I have had. I not only feel so much more calm and capable, I learned so much about myself. This has changed my life for the better.


I found Meghan through a friend of mine who was looking for a health coach. I was very stressed out because my life shifted to a very dark place and I felt anxious and helpless about my future. The sessions with Meghan were crucial for my well-being during this pandemic and it was so comforting to have someone to talk to every week to share my thoughts and frustrations. I am more calm and hopeful now and my anxiety decreased substantially. I am so glad I was able to get help.


Dana is a compassionate coach that offers a safe space to share and explore feelings and beliefs surrounding behaviors and attitudes. She really helped draw out some insights about myself that I never considered or discovered on my own. She made me feel comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings and she made me feel heard and validated.


I’m grateful for my time working with Sandy. She helped me work through the things that had me stuck, with fresh ideas and without judgement. It was a great experience!


This was a wonderful service which came at a time filled with intense transitions for me. My health coach was incredibly warm, knowledgeable, helpful, encouraging, and understanding. I am so grateful that I signed up for these sessions.


Leeny helped me discover a perspective for acheiving for a healthy lifestyle after I stepped away from the day to day demands of running a business. My plan for the future was clear, but my goals to get there were scattered. Leeny helped see that setting small, manageable goals will help me to realize my vision.


Amanda was wonderful to work with. She helped me by holding space and providing me with the opportunity to brain dump without fear of judgment. She provided me with great insights and helpful tools to help me master my life. I highly recommend her. She got me to do the deep thinking and most of the work and that was more valuable than her just telling me what to do. It was hard sometimes and uncomfortable others, but she guided and supported me and I always left our meetings uplifted and empowered with just enough stuff to work on without feeling overwhelmed!


Eliana helped me tremendously. Before this I felt stuck and afraid, and now I feel like I can move on and become a better version of myself, doing small steps with more confidence and at my own pace.


I am beyond grateful for the opportunity that HCWB presented me with. My experience with my health coach Roh was wonderful. I felt like each session I was able to dig deeper into my goals. I was given time and space to explore what issues I wanted to tackle. Then with the right questions and encouragement I was able to start making progress and making some positive shifts and changes. Even though it was 4 weeks, I felt like it flew by and after each session I felt inspired and motivated to make the changes I wanted. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is curious about health coaching and looking to enhance their life, in any topic, whether it be stress management, diet and exercise, building confidence, etc. Again, I’m very happy to have had this experience, especially with everything going on in the world. Thank you HCWB for offering this amazing opportunity.


I am a mother, stepmother, business owner and I mentor young female professionals pro bono - during COVID, all children were at homeschool, my business was ordered to close, and the mentoring burden was difficult to manage because I felt that imposter syndrome of needing mentoring myself! I don't regret working with Amanda, and she has helped me tremendously to navigate the changes that COVID has brought, helped me balance my workload with what I need for myself and overall, helped me to strengthen my resilience. So much so, that I'm going to continue my coaching journey with her after this.


I really enjoyed and ended up looking forward to my weekly sessions with Sarah. I am so grateful to her for creating a safe, non-judgmental and reflective space for me to explore what health coaching meant to me and being flexible and empathetic to my needs and the demands of my profession. I feel strongly that the tools and strategies with which she provided me (in manageable, bite-size chunks) helped create a greater accountability but also compassion for myself and have been beneficial for the way I relate to others too. It has been an experience that I have thoroughly enjoyed and has enabled me to objectively observe myself. I am now able to really relish mindfully working at and reflecting upon my own holistic health and would highly recommend Health Coaches Without Borders and Sarah as a Coach.


Through my sessions with Dana, I was able to put my fears in perspective and get underneath old, outdated beliefs and see how they were unconsciously holding me back. Thanks to Dana's coaching, I feel more anchored in a creative rhythm that works for me and am seeing momentum with my creative projects and goals for my business. She helped me create a routine that's energetically aligned as well as resources to help me avoid getting depleted and burnt out. I recommend these coaching sessions to anyone who wants to improve their sense of well being and gain clarity of purpose and balance in their lives.


It was really hopeful to see a group of good, selfless people willing to help others during a time of global uncertainty and fear. HCWB has been a lifesaver and Sandy's compassionate, thorough approach to health coaching has left me with a sense of hope and confidence that even at the hardest times, you still can look after yourself and focus on good things to keep you going.


Working with my health coach was a really transformative experience. I loved how insightful and non-judgmental my coach was. I have a lot of things going on and she was able to help me develop systems to track my progress, the ideas were mine but she asked me the questions to bring them into fruition.  would recommend health coaching to you since for me I learned a lot. I feel that I am closer to accomplishing my goals. It has been a very challenging time for me due to COVID-19 and the extra support I have received has been very uplifting and appreciated.


Health Coaches Without Borders provides free health coaching to address the needs of those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.



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